FREE – 33 Point Vehicle Safety Inspection in Fridley

Fridley Minnoco is so concerned with the safety of your family that we provide a 33 Point Safety Check of your vehicle(s) at No Cost to you! Here’s what you get:

Check ALL vehicle lights
• Brake Lamps
• Turn Signals
• Marker Lamps
• Reverse Lights

Underhood Inspection
• Check Engine Coolant Hoses
• Accessory Drive Belt Condition
• Engine Air Filter
• Transmission Fluid Levels
• Engine Coolant Level and Condition
• Power Steering Fluid Level and Condition
• Brake Fluid Level and Condition
• Engine Oil Level and Condition
• Battery Connections & Load Test Battery
• Washer Fluid Levels
• Wiper Blades
• PCV Valve (if applicable)
• Cabin Air Filter (inside car)

Undercar Inspection Includes:

• Check Brake Pads and Rotors
• Brake Hoses and Lines
• Steering Components (Tie Rod Ends and Ball Joints)
• Exhaust System (for Leaks or Broken Hangers)
• Suspension (Struts and Shocks)
• Engine Gaskets and Seals for Oil Leaks or Damage
• Control Arm Bushings
• Stabilizer Bar Bushings and Stabilizer Bar End-Links
• Pour in Recommend Oil & Amount and Install Oil Filter
• Check Drain Plug for Tightness & Torque
• Check Oil Filter for Tightness
• Recheck for No Leaks
• Check Oil Dipstick and Fluid Level
• Place Oil Change Reminder on Driver’s Inside of Windshield
• Check for Maintenance Reminder Light Reset
• Check Vehicle to Make Sure That There are No Fingerprints, or Dirt on it
• Look Over The Manufacturer Recommended Services and Present to the Customer
an Estimate for Services and/or Repairs if Needed

Looking to Purchase a Used Vehicle?  We offer Pre-Purchase Inspections!

Let us give you the edge before you buy your next car or truck.  With our pre-purchase inspections, you will have a 112 point detailed health check BEFORE you buy.  We will provide a detailed estimate for needed repairs which you can bring to the dealership to negotiate the cost for the repairs off of the purchase price.  This will save you money on the purchase of the vehicle.

Contact us today for any repair work estimates or car maintenance questions you may have. We are here to help, call us at 763-786-4099.


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