Fridley Minnoco Services and Repair


If you notice that your vehicle is leaking out fluids from the bottom, and you can’t quite determine where it’s originating from, call the friendly folks at Fridley Minnoco for $69.95 they will perform a Degrease & Dye Test to see where the leak(s) are coming from. Here’s what it consists of:

  • General Visual Inspection Top & Bottom
  • Power Wash Engine and Bottom of the Vehicle
  • Add Fluorescent Dye to the Engine/Transmission/Power/Steering Fluid
  • Take the Vehicle on a 20-30 Minute Test Drive
  • Put Vehicle on Lift and Inspect With Blacklight to Pinpoint Where Leaks are Coming From

With the use of a blacklight, the fluorescent dye illuminates the leak so that we can identify where it’s leaking from this process takes the guesswork out of finding oil leaks, so we can present an estimate and fix the vehicle.